People and Places

When you look back over the years.  Look back at the people and the places that you’ve seen and been.  The people that have influenced your life.  The places that have shaped you.

Every person you come across influences you somehow.  One glance, one word can change your perspective, change your thinking.  The homeless person on the street, the person you catch a fleeting glance of on the train.

People come and go from our lives.  Sometimes we have no choice.  Sometimes we make the choice.  For a few seconds or for a few decades.  Sometimes we miss them, sometimes we resent them.

The places we see, the places we live.  They all leave their mark.  They make us the person that we are now.  Where we grow up sets our way of thinking for the rest of our life.  It’s where we compare everything else to.

We remember those that we miss.  The people that made us happy.  The people we grew up with.  The people that we shared our happiest memories with.  But memories are all we have.

Then, sometimes, we forget.  We forget people that have changed our lives, places that have made us who we are.  We forget because there are new people, new places.  They’ve replaced what we have.

The friend  you spent everyday with as a child.  Now they are just a faded memory.  A brief thought.  We forget that they were always there for us.  They went everywhere with us.  You promised you would never forget each other.

New is always better.  We convince ourselves.  Convince ourselves that our new friends are better.  That our lives have moved on.  We’re too busy, there’s always an excuse.  The phone call or the letter.  The time taken is insignificant to the memories that shape your life.

People and places.  Good or bad.  They are what make us who we are.



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