I think I’ve forgotten my homework, I never forget it.  I wonder what the teacher’s going to say to me.  Probably won’t care, he never seems to be that bothered.  I think I care more than he does.  What worries does a teacher have anyway? If my mother finds out she’ll kill me.   It doesn’t matter I doubt she’ll find out anyway.  The man sitting opposite me on the train looks really strange.  He keeps touching his face.  There must be something wrong with him.  The clothes he’s wearing look really old as well.  You get so many weird people on the tube.

This kid opposite me keeps staring at me.  I know I am not looking my best but neither would you if you’d been thrown out of your house by your lunatic of a wife.  I didn’t do anything.  Well not really.  Just went out last Friday, lost my phone and never called her for the whole weekend.  I thought she’d be okay with it.  I’ve been sleeping on people’s sofas for the last few days.  I hope she’s not there when I get back.  I need to change these clothes and have a shower.  This geezer sitting next to me looks like he has a few quid.  I wonder why he’s on a tube sitting next to a loser like me.

I love it.  Getting on the tube and everyone is looking at you.  They look at you as if to say “what’s he doing on a tube wearing an Armani suit and Gucci shoes?”.  They probably think I have a big house in some nice part of West London.  Get’s all the birds.  Real playboy.  Absolutely loaded with dough.  Thing is I am not.  I am skint.  I am a conman, the suit is all part of the act.  Apart from people looking at me on the tube though, the act isn’t going too well.  I need to get a break with some poor idiot or I am going to struggle to pay my rent.  I wish people would like where they are going when they get off the train.  Idiots.

I wish people wouldn’t leave their legs out when they’re on the train.  Gets right on my nerves that.  I’m late enough as it is.  Last thing I need is someone winding me up this morning though.  I’ve got a big job interview.  I’ve worked so hard for all this.  All them hours studying, going back to university as a mature student.  I just wanted to make my daughter proud of me.  My mum said I could never do it.  Here I am though, on the way to the big interview!  I’ve forgotten my phone though, better ask this fella for the time.

Why is someone asking for the time in this day and age?  Don’t these people realise that how important I am?  That I have somewhere to go?  Obviously not.  It’s to be expected I suppose.  People aren’t quite as educated as they once were.  I am not sure why I have belittled myself by moving back to the city.  Oh well I suppose we have to carry on don’t we.  I had better do my good deed for the day and give this poor urchin sitting outside the shop window a few pennies.  One must be charitable when they can’t help themselves.

£50?  I can’t believe that geezer just put £50 in my hand and walked off.  His heart’s in the right place and all that but I ain’t a beggar.  I know I am looking a bit rough today, but I’ve been out all night and haven’t had time to go home and get changed.  I should chase him really, I can’t see where he’s gone though.  I know Dave is a bit skint at the moment.  I’ll give it to him.  No loss to me, I didn’t have it this morning, I get paid tomorrow anyway.

Just had a right touch.  My mate gave me £50.  He said I don’t have to pay him back.  Said some fella gave it to him this morning.  Thought he was a beggar or something.  He’s always making things up though.  I keep checking to see if it’s real.  Surely there’s got to be something up here?  I shouldn’t really be in the betting shop with it, I am skint at the moment but you never know, this horse might be the one.  I only ever have a bet once or twice a month, not like that geezer next to me.  Every time I come in here he’s here.  Always lunchtime too.

Every time I come in here this guy standing next to me is here too.  I wonder where he gets all his money from because he never seems to win anything.  Not that I am that much better.  I’ve lost £10,000 this month already.  I took out a loan.  My wife doesn’t know. She’s going to know soon enough though, the bank want to repossess the house.  One of the other teachers saw me coming out of the betting shop the other day too.  Went and grassed me up.  So now I am on a warning, will probably lose my house and my wife.  I can’t face class this afternoon.  They won’t have done their homework.  Apart from that one kid.  He always does it, one of the few things that keeps me going, knowing that kid gives a fuck.

(Apologies for the re-post)


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