Message in a Bottle

Dear person,

I know you probably never thought you’d pick up a bottle and read a letter inside it.  It’s one of those things we dream of as kid.  Writing a letter throwing it into the ocean and then wondering if anyone will ever find it.

I have no idea who you are, and I have no idea what kind of person you are.  I’ll never know if you’ve received this.  I’ll probably have forgotten by the time you do read it.  Before you picked up this bottle I was insignificant in your life, now we have a connection.

I want to tell you all about myself, but I don’t really know who I am.  I know my name, I know where I live, I know what I have done in my life.  I could describe every single person I know to you.  I can’t describe myself though.  I don’t have the words to do it.

The only descriptions I have are the words that everyone else uses to describe me.  And that’s not me.  Just labels that I have lived up to, even if deep down I know they are not true.  I am someone who has become what everyone else wanted me to become.

In your mind you will be trying to create a picture of me.  You will be wondering what I look like, where I come from.  You probably want to know what my job is or whether I have a family or not.  I could be a child, or I could be an old person.  All of this is unknown to you.

Without any of this information can you imagine me?  Is there an image that you can conjure in your mind?  No.  If I told you I am a good person and that is all.  Would you trust that this is the truth?  Can you take me at my word?

If I added information, how would your perception of me change?  If I told you I am a man, and I am tall.  I am 47 years old.  I had everything and I lost it all.  I have nothing left.  Now what do you think about me?

Now you have an image of me.  One that has changed from when you read the first words of my message.  Or maybe I have judged you.  Maybe you can empathise with me.  You may have even been in the same situations as me.

I don’t know who you are, yet I judged you.  I may have been right or I may have been wrong.  I don’t know, and I’ll never get to know because I will never meet you.  I won’t ever get that chance.  There are people in our lives that we can get to know though.

We come across these people daily.  People that we make harsh judgments on, people that we discard without really getting to know them.  All on superficial information.  Or things they have done in the past.

I will have been long gone by the time you read this message.  You will go back to your life and maybe tell someone about the bottle you found.  Ponder the meaning of ‘gone’.  That is not relevant.  I wasn’t in your life yesterday, now that I am, please just take me for being me.

Thank you for listening.

Far Away.



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