Open the Door

Dark and lonely, but it’s my place to hide.  It’s a place that I’ll never let you in, you wouldn’t like it in here.  There’s so many people hiding in here you probably wouldn’t fit in anyway.  We’re not hiding because we want to, we’re hiding because that’s what you want.  Your fears, that you can’t find it within yourself to accept what is different.  That’s what keeps the door shut.

We can still see out into the world though.  The doors are transparent even if they’re locked.  We can see the hatred and the ignorance.  This closet keeps all those things that you don’t want to see, you know it’s there but you it’s easier to ignore a locked door than one that is wide open.  There is no physical key, there isn’t even a lock, we can escape if we want to, but some of us don’t want to, the darkness a security blanket.

What you don’t realise is what those transparent doors show.  It shows hypocrisy and fear.  It shows that what you don’t understand needs to be locked away, what is unseen can’t hurt you.  Safely kept inside, the misfits, miscreants, the deviant, the different.  However you may label them, however you may justify you’re ignorance, deep down you know they don’t want to hurt you.

And it’s not just one of you, if it was just one the door would be wide open.  It’s the whole of society, you may accept one thing but will find another to reject.  Tolerance doesn’t open the door either, it just shows a crack of light.  A ray of hope is not enough. Even if you think you accept, there is always a but.  I don’t mind them, but….

But I suppose we too are hypocritical, even in our big closet, there are lots of smaller closets.  Some of us slowly escaping, once free we forget those that are still inside.  We’re okay now, why do we have to worry about them?  I only want to fight for my freedom, I’m normal now.  We forget what it was like to be trapped inside that dark and lonely place.  The new found brightness washing away our empathy.

You may think I am being vague, but that’s the point.  That’s for your own mind to think about.  I’m not alluding, I just want you to think.  Think about all the people that are stuck in that closet wanting to be released.  Wanting to be accepted, no matter where they come from or how they wish to live their lives.  Until that door is allowed to be opened, we’ll never move forward.

Feature image attributed to: By daduNI – Nino Narozauli (how old is this door???) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons


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