Just People

The sound of the rain hitting the leaves is soothing.  The sun had been burning down on my face all morning.  The heat making my job more difficult.  Plucking the leaves one by one from the plants.  For miles around all you can see is tea, tea and heads bobbing up and down among the plants.  It’s a long day, but now the rains have come it will be easier.  A break from the relentless heat.  To make the job easier, each leaf I pick I wonder where it will end up.  I imagine the person that will drink it, what do they do?  Do they appreciate what I do for them to have their cup of tea?

I need my tea in the morning.  I can’t do anything without it.  Most people prefer coffee but I can’t stand the stuff, it’s only tea for me.  I fancy myself as a bit of a tea connoisseur, this one I’m drinking at the moment is from Sri Lanka.  I don’t really like it.  Could be better.  Oh well, no more tea from there.  I must remember to get in contact with that factory in China today.  They keep delaying sending the clothes I have ordered.  I’ll make a complaint if it’s not sent by the end of this week.

I don’t know why this man keeps complaining.  Everyday he calls me to tell me his clothes haven’t arrived.  I tell him it’s not arrived because he hasn’t told us what he wants yet.  What is wrong with these foreigners?  I think they are all crazy.  This weekend finally I have a holiday.  I can take my wife and son away to the beach in Beihai.  All I do is work.  Listen to people complain about why they haven’t received something or other.  I think these people are stupid.  They don’t understand how it works here.  I must make sure I send that package to my friend studying in America.

I came here to study but I don’t seem to do much studying.  I have made many friends, but all we do is play.  No real work.  I am not like the other people from my country here.  I want to mix with the local people.  Why come to another country to study if you aren’t going to learn something about their culture?  They complain that it is too different.  Of course it’s different!  I hope when I graduate I will be able to stay here but I am not sure, they tell me it is difficult to find a job.  Maybe I will go to Europe, there is maybe easier.  One of my classmates he already go to Spain, but he is American so visa is no problem.

Damn, I love this place.  Sit on the beach all day, go and eat some paella in the evening.  Have a brandy with my lunch and no one cares.  Why didn’t I come here sooner?  The only problem is the Brits.  They are everywhere.  Here it isn’t so bad, but when you go to Marbella it’s just full of sunburnt, fat English people eating English food, drinking beer and being loud.  They should stay in their own country.  I know I’m not in my country but I don’t cause any problems.  I think I’ll get another couple of hours sleep.  I love siestas, you don’t need an excuse to nap.  I had better remember to email that Thai girl I met in the hostel last week.

Back in Bangkok after a year of travelling around.  I have missed it.  The heat not so much.  The smells make me feel at home.  Lemongrass and galangal, all the things to make good Thai food.  They eat too many potatoes in Europe.  I think I have become a little fat, I must remember to join the gym now I am back.  That stupid American man I met in Spain keeps emailing me.  He tells me he is going to come here to Bangkok.  I think I will have to lie to him.  Maybe tell him I have moved away.  I told him we were just friends but everyday email.  Why some people don’t understand that we’re not all bar girls?  Anyway, my sister will be back from Dubai next week.  I can’t wait to see her.

Bangkok is hot but it is so much hotter here.  The summer is terrible.  I can only stay inside.  I hope my sister got back safely.  I told her to come and work here for my company but she says she has missed Thailand and doesn’t want to leave.  I will go back next week and see her.  Almost a year I haven’t seen her.  I miss Thailand too, maybe I should go back and live there.  Nobody here can make good Thai food.  I have to cook myself.  My glass of tea is one thing that keeps me going in the summer heat.  I must remember to get some more after work.



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