Chinese Whispers

Did you hear?  Her husband has left her, he’s taken the kids too.  I’m not sure why.  I know the woman that lives next door to her and she said they are always arguing.  Something about money, he’s always saying she doesn’t do enough around the house.  That she doesn’t look after the kids properly.  I am not sure I believe that though.  Whenever I see her she’s seems to a nice lady.  She takes the kids to school everyday.  I know her husband goes out to the pub a lot too.  Likes to have a drink, when he comes back that’s when they argue.  I feel sorry for her really.

Did you hear?  That woman that lives over the road.  Her old man came back from the pub the other night and they had an argument.  He walked out with the kids the next morning.  She seems a bit lazy.  I see her taking the kids to school, but what else does she do?  I reckon he’s right to have left with them poor kids.  What kind of role model is that, a mother that sits around the house all the time?  He’s lived around here for years, I know he likes a drink or two but surely a man can have a drink now and again.  I bet she’ll try and take all his money off him.

Did you hear?  That girl that lives next door to your sister.  Her husband came home from work the other day, he’d been working all day and she started an argument with him.  Poor fella.  She’s always starting arguments your sister says.  I seen those kids coming back from school on their own the other day as well.  Lazy woman couldn’t even be bothered to pick her own children up from school.  She’s never had a job either.  That poor man, all he does is work, he comes back late at night looking tired and she starts an argument.  I hope she loses everything.

Did you hear?  That woman down the road.  You know the one who was men coming in and out all day while her husband is at work?  You know the man, works all the time.  You never see him in the pub either, really nice.  Yeah, well, when he came back from work the other night she hit him.  Told him he was lazy and useless too.  What right does she have to do that?  Those poor kids, I see them out on the streets living like they’re wild.  She never takes them to school either.  The cheek of the woman, she’s having all these fellas around while he’s at work and then she hits him when he gets back.  I hope she loses those kids, horrible woman.

Did you hear?  My husband ran off with the kids yesterday morning.  I don’t know what to do.  Everyone is blaming me.  The looks and the remarks when I walk down the street.  I just want to cry.  For ten years I put up with it.  Every night he would come home drunk.  Me treading on eggshells, scared in case he’d hit me.  Then he finally did.  All these years of looking after the kids, trying to do what’s best for them.  That’s how he repays me?  I have no chance though, he’s lived here all his life.  They’ve damned me already.  I’ve lost everything I have and not a single person believes me.


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