Sunlight in the Distance

Crossroads.  A point in your life where you make a decision.  A decision that’ll take you in a different direction from the one you’ve been walking.  One that’ll change everything you know.  All the comfort you’ve derived from the road you currently walk will be taken away.  If you keep on going you’ll always wonder what would’ve happened if you had made that turn.  The road ahead is like the one behind you, the shadow of dark clouds, bare and barren.  On the road turning off, you can see sun breaking through in the distance.  It’s a long walk, the road is broken and rocks block the way, but that sunlight gives a glimmer of hope.

It’s not the only crossroad you’ll come across.  You just don’t know when the next one will appear.  Everyone wonders why you keep on walking that same road.  What your reluctance to turn is.  They don’t stop to wonder why they too walk the same road.  Their road might be brighter, the clouds may have already parted.  But they don’t think that they walk the same road because it’s the easiest to walk.  It’s the one you know, you don’t need any sign posts to follow it.  You don’t need any guidance.  You don’t have to climb over rocks or go on detours.

You know that when you make that turn, everything will change.  All that you know and feel won’t be the same again.  The straight road, covered in cloud looks shorter and the grey shows no sign of ending.  But it’s what you know.  You know how it feels to walk under the grey clouds.  The broken road may have sunlight at the end of it, but the broken roads, the rocks in the way, are all things that you are not familiar with.  They are problems that you don’t know how to solve.  Problems you are not sure if you can solve.  Is that sunlight in the distance worth the risk?

And there lies the problem of walking the same road.  Your familiarity with it has bred self doubt.  That self doubt doesn’t want you to make a turn.  It wants you to keep going.  It doesn’t want you to realise that you can solve those problems, you can go around the broken road.  With each step down your new path, with each problem solved, getting nearer and nearer to the sunlight the self doubt slowly fades away.  Fades away to walk along that lonely grey road on its own as you walk towards the sunlight with growing confidence, feeling taller and taller.

Problems become adventures and self discovery, things you never knew you could do, places you never dreamed you would see litter your new path.  That grey, dreary, lonely road you walked for so long becoming a distant memory.  The time you spent walking it waiting for a crossroad to appear.  The times you spurned the chance to turn because you were too comfortable in what what you knew.  Your only regret now is to wonder why you didn’t make that turn earlier?


3 thoughts on “Sunlight in the Distance

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  2. Pingback: NaPoWriMo – Day 26 – “Seafaring Scallywags” by TooFullToWrite & HastyWords | toofulltowrite (I've started so I'll finish)

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