The End of Time

Give me a rhyme,

The world is falling apart,

The Koreans want the end of time,

Missiles over the land of the rising sun,

The president thinks it’s all pantomime,

It’s the left, it’s the left, no good guys like the one’s I know,

You’d better be prepared because the world is in decline,

You can’t say that, I don’t like it,

Of course I can, where’s your spine?

It’s fascist, it’s undemocratic,

Your opinion will never be as good as mine,

You have a mental illness, you’re sick,

I’m off to get my gun you liberal swine,

The Russians, the Russians are coming,

Yet still you worship at their shrine,

But emails and of course we won,

On and on they’ll endlessly whine,

From afar they watch, untouched,

Sitting in palaces, eating grapes and drinking wine,

They’ll never know, say they,

They don’t seem to realise this is all by design,

Rubbing their hands, money, money, money,

This constant conflict is nothing but divine,

If they come together, words and love,

It’ll no longer be our time to shine,

Tomorrow it’ll be the same, give me hope,

I’ll still be sitting here waiting for a sign.





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