Storm Names

Below are the names which have been chosen for the storms this year in Ireland and U.K.


 They use each letter of the alphabet skipping a few of them. Storm Larry? Hector? When you hear storm Larry is coming you’re just going to shrug your shoulders and think it’ll be a light breeze. They should be giving them biblical names. If the weather woman says Storm Leviticus is coming you’ll start thinking that sounds a bit naughty. Instead of Hector it should be Habbaziniah. When you hear Storm Habbaziniah’s coming you’ll be running for the church to repent your sins because it sounds like the start of the apocalypse. Fuck Larry, they need to be making storms sound hard. (I don’t think I know any Larrys or Hectors but if I do sorry bruv, nice names just not suitable for a storm).

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