I am a writer and traveller who grew up in London, England.  I’ve lived abroad for the last seven years in India and China.  I was once described as a ‘cloud’ because I like to drift to different places.  Not sure if that’s an accurate description but I am not sure I can come up with a better one myself!  I am currently writing a book about my life story from my childhood, 10 years of addiction and my life after rehab travelling and enjoying life.  I also like to learn languages.  I can speak fluent Mandarin and I have just started to learn Japanese.  History is my other passion and where ever I go in the world I love to find places of historical interest.  Being a lover of modern history my trip to Vietnam a few years ago was probably my favourite.

Some of my post were written a few years ago but I still want to add them to the site as I like to look back on things I have written to help me improve my writing and also to look back on some incredible experiences.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and please feel free to leave comments.


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  2. Hi there – I don’t expect you to participate but did want you to know I have nominated you (means you “won”) a Liebster award. It’s intention it to bring more people to blogs we enjoy.

    Have a great day,

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  3. Hi Sean I read unwashed and then immediately after bought Liar …it’s left me with a huge problem. I can’t now find another book that I want to read so please hurry up and write another !!!’ Nicky.

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    • Thank you Nicky! It’ll be within the next month the new book will be released should be around 25th. If you keep an eye on my Facebook page I’ll let people know. Thanks again Nicky and I hope you enjoy the new one.


  4. Seriously, I clicked on your blog maybe ten days ago on Daily Prompt, pretty much because you had an Irish name. I’m so glad I did. I look forward to your email updates every day. Great writing. Every bit I’ve read resonates, including your own long journey.

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