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The Unwashed is a book of short stories about disadvantaged and socially excluded people living on a fictitious London council estate. (There is a review on this page which says the book is in ‘Scottish dialect’, it’s not so please ignore it).

‘An amazing book. I could not put it down. In particular the story about the young asylum seekers was incredible. It gave a great insight into the fear and uncertainty that asylum seekers must face on a daily basis. This story should be read by all, as it may help change the mindset of society in general.’ Amazon Reviewer

‘This was such an amazing read, totally gripped me from start to finish and didn’t want it to end. Such a great insight in to lives of people we can sometimes be so quick to judge. Cant recommend it enough.’ Amazon Reviewer

Liar is a novel about a child growing up in London with his heroin addicted mother, how he struggles with his identity and how people around him view him and his mother.

‘This was one of the most thought provoking books I have ever read. I could not out it down! I could relate the the themes and issues in the book, which felt empowering. I felt connected. Sean Hogan has given a voice to the children of drug addicts and highlighted their journey in life. I highly recommend this book to all and cannot wait for his next book to be released.’ Amazon Reviewer

‘I couldn’t put it down. Liar examines one family’s journey through some of life’s most desperate struggles, primarily via the voice of Jay, the only child of his heroin and crack-addicted mother. Hogan doesn’t seek to woo the reader with sensationalized stereotyping, but tells it how it is from the point of view of all his characters. It is a story of loss, of the way society’s deep prejudice against addicts and their families can do far more to destroy an individual than the actual drug itself ever could, of how what is said, and left unsaid, can shape our entire futures. A great read.’ Amazon Reviewer

Queen’s Park to The Elephant is 16 short stories based on the London Underground’s Bakerloo Line. For each station there is a short story which opens your eyes to the stories of the people you see on your daily commute.